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Pages and pages of Sam's art was exhibited at our 3rd annual fundraising dinner held in November.  "Look the samurai are fighting. I also draw hearts, you know, for the girls.  Do you like it?" Sam asked the onlookers and they looked through his stack of distinctive artwork, using mostly pens and colorful markers.

Much of his artwork depict scenes of fighting samurai and muscular warriors, and hearts and flowers for female buyers.  His drawings are also for sale at the Hope Chest Thrift Store.  One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to Sam.  "Drawings help him channel his feelings on paper," commented Dorothy Gonzalez, Administrator, who worked with Sam in his youth at Hope House.  "He was always very emotional with his art" continued Dorothy.  When asked what he intends to do with the money he earns from his drawings, without hesitation, Sam said, "I am going to purchase new clothes, a tablet, enroll in a mixed martial arts class and visit my grandparents in Las Vegas next year."

Nearly a decade ago, Sam successfully transferred from Hope House children's home to one of our adult homes.  Now, in his early 30's he lives with five housemates and is learning to manage his own money and make healthier choices. There was a strong sense of security and familiarity when he made the choice to move between homes. That's due to the values and philosophy of Hope House which ensure continuity of care.  As a result, Sam was able to flourish and has made good life decisions, including his career goals.

Sam has chosen to work in food service, but has worked in landscaping and office work.  In food services he is able to make the most money in a small diner that caters to people with disability and the community.  He serves customers their breakfast and lunch and busses tables. "A great deal of reassurance, guidance and care goes into supporting Sam on his journey to become his best self.  With increased exposure and opportunities to explore, an allowance for mistakes, and a lot of practice, he will continue to learn how to be more independent.  We are very proud of him," says Ookie Voong, Administrator of our adult homes.

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