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"I have noticed improvements in Rosie's behavior and I believe these changes are due, in large part, to the excellent care that the staff are providing to my daughter," said Luis, Rosie's dad recently.  And, he continues by stating, "Hope House opened the doors for Rosie.  Prior to that it was really hard for us to find the resources for Rosie.  At the age of 3, after noticing that Rosie was running behind other kids and harming her sister, pushing others, screaming, not wanting to walk, and throwing things, she was diagnosed with autism.  I had no idea what that was.  I found it really hard to find services.  During this time we were living in an apartment on the second floor Rosie opened the window and jumped out and fell flat on her face.  At the hospital she was terrified and I sang her songs until she calmed down.   X-rays showed that her face needed to be reconstructed and a titanium plate was inserted.  We still found it difficult to get information and resources about Rosie, and her very serious outbursts continued.  One day, a friend told me about Hope House."

Dorothy, Hope House Administrator, describes Rosie as very smart, and remembers Rosie's very first day.  Dorothy said, "shortly after her dad left, on a piece of paper she wrote 'where am I', and 'what is this place,' and then handed it to me!"  She was nervous, but very soon the staff was able to make her feel comfortable -- playing games, and paying lots of attention to her.

Fast forward 9 years and Rosie loves living at Hope House with her housemates.  Dorothy says that her behavior can still be challenging -- she can still be anti-social, and when anxious, she tends to "spin", however, overall she does well.  She can get dressed by herself, do her own laundry, knows everyone's birthdays, is t her academic grade level, sings beautifully, and communicates especially when encouraged.  Dorothy loves to hear her sing nd said, You're doing a great job Rosie, we all love to watch your growth and development."

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