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Madea was a princess at her very own Quinceañera  -- complete with a gorgeous gown and crown!

Her parents were in tears to see (over Zoom of course) her in the very special white and baby blue fancy gown.  All of her roommates were there in person, and got all dressed up for Madea's 15th birthday too.  They had a spectacular time -- delicious food, treats, dancing and a piñata.  This could not have been a better day for Madea and the dedicated staff, who also dressed up, and who made it all happen. Dorothy Gonzalez, Administrator boasts, "Our staff members make it happen every day through everyday actions -- and they have a remarkable sense of responsibility for each and every one of our residents.  While living at Hope House, each staff member is tasked with giving the residents the best time of their lives."

The smiles on all of the resident's faces, after hours and hours of preparation, for Madea's Quinceñera made all of the preparations worth it for all!

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