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In 2002, when Jaquelin was 11, I was looking for a program because we were at a point in her development where I felt she was in a holding pattern and not making any progress.  In addition to communication and self care, we had some behavioral issues arise and I felt I could be stifling her ability to move forward by not looking for other opportunities.

Within the first few months of being at Hope House, Jaquelin exceeded in areas in which I was afraid she had reached her capacity.  With her behavior issues being monitored, we could take a look at what might be causing them.  A plan was put into place to decrease her outbursts. Because of Jaquelin's sensory issues, she will always have behavioral challenges, but I am really happy with the success and progress Jaquelin has made at Hope House.

Wanda Magee, Administrator at Hope House, said that all of the staff adore Jaque as well. “She’s just a breath of fresh air, energetic, adventurous and curious,” said Wanda.

“It’s so amazing,” remarked Mary Watson, Assistant Executive Director, “when she first came to live at Hope House she rarely spoke, was anti-social and isolated herself. You would never know she was the same person. So from not talking much at all to being able to call everyone by name and sing the Ariel theme song so beautifully…it’s just such a transformation.  We are so proud of her.”

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