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Person - Centered Planning

Person-centered planning at Hope House prioritizes individual needs, aspirations, and choices that empower our residents.

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Person-Centered Planning

What is Person - Centered Planning?

  • Seeks to listen, discover and understand the individual

  • A process directed by the person that helps us learn how they want to live and what supports are needed to help them move toward a life they consider meaningful and productive.

  • Empowers the person by building on their individual abilities and skills, and building a quality lifestyle that supports the person in finding ways to contribute to their community.

  • Considers other factors, such as health and wellness, during the planning process.  Helps to set a direction while providing positive motivation.

  • Increases the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes that are most important to the person receiving supports.

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Purposeful Planning

What is the Purpose of Person-Centered Planning?

  • To look at an individual’s strengths and needs

  • To assist the person in gaining control over their own life

  • To increase opportunities for participation in the community

  • To recognize individual desires, interests, and dreams

  • Through team effort, develop a plan to turn dreams into reality

Eligibility for admission will be determined without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or marital status.

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