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Past Videos

First Hope House's 1st video (5:20)

Hope House History (3:39)

Promo Video 1 (8:35)
Promo Video 2 (7:29)
Dorothy (3:22)
Brittney (1:38)
Shellyn and Kiera (4:23)

Several years ago, Archie, one of the oldest residents at Hope House embarked on a journey of a lifetime. He traveled back to his homeland in Supai, AZ to visit his Native American tribe, the Supai Indians.  Carlo, one of our dedicated and hard-working staff members, accompanied Archie and captured the adventure on video. If the video does not load using the picture, click on the URL below.

Fear of the Unknown 1:21
Opportunities (1:02)
Dennis  (1:46)
David (2:40)
Holly and Jackie (2:38)
Julie (1:38)
Lee (1:58)